Content People produces tailormade, multiplatform content that tells your story in a compelling, impactful manner

Digital Storytelling

We research, script and produce visually engaging video series, interviews and documentaries


Content People curates thematic events and workshops to connect you to your audience

Events & Workshops

We go beyond traditional research methods and use a host of communication tools to get the real picture ground-up


Content People works with media houses in India and Europe to help you reach out to your target audience through the right media platform


Almedalen Week 2022
Join us for thought provoking conversations on societal and sustainability issues with thought leaders, academia, industy, civil society & government, from Sweden & India.


Content People enables you to build an effective communication strategy and develop a narrative that reflects your vision and values

Communication Strategy

Content People is a Swedish company specialising in communications strategy, high impact content, research and outreach solutions. Through multiple tools and platforms, we develop communication products and solutions that create long term value for our clients. We are based in Sweden and have an extensive network in Asia, with a special focus on India. We have a wide range of clients, ranging from development agencies, to tourism and media organizations.

Content People works with cutting edge communication tools and models. Yet at the heart of our business is storytelling. We believe in the power of stories to connect, engage and create impact. We specialize in:

  • Multi-platform storytelling
  • Videos
  • Events
  • On-ground research
  • Workshops
  • Media outreach

One of our key focus area is sustainability communications. We use the SDG 2030 Agenda as a benchmark for the practice. A majority of our clients engage us so that we can work together through complex issues around sustainability, build an effective communication strategy and tell the story in an impactful manner.

Content People is headquartered in the UNESCO heritage city of Visby on Gotland, a Swedish island where cutting edge research on sustainable development takes place. It is not uncommon here to find individuals and institutions experiment with innovative ways to make lives more sustainable. Sweden is at the forefront of sustainable development, and it is only natural that we place ourselves at the hub of sustainable solutions.


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