Products & Solutions

Content People offers customised communications strategy, impact content, research and implementation solutions based on your requirement, market and audience. Through multiple tools and platforms, we plan and develop solutions that creates long term value for the client.

Communication Strategy

Content People helps you to build a comprehensive communications strategy that reflects your message, vision and values. As part of the strategy, we weave together multiple forms of engagement, using multimedia tools and ground research, to tell your story effectively to your audience. We specialise in building communications strategy for clients interested in emerging markets like India.

Digital Storytelling

Content People produces tailormade, engaging content for your digital and social media platforms. We use several digital storytelling tools, including video, pictures, the written word and infographics. We also help you synthesise your data and transform your existing research into real life engaging multimedia narratives.


Video is a powerful tool to engage the audience and its retention capacity is well documented. Telling stories through the power of videos is in the DNA of Content People and it's founder, an award-winning media strategist. We research, script and produce high impact video series, interviews and documentaries for multiple content platforms.

Events & Workshops

Content People curates thematic events and workshops. Our approach is to facilitate engaging conversations between you and relevant stakeholders.

Research & Documentation

The USP of Content People is its ground connect in emerging markets like India. We have the network and resources to conduct research in areas that are otherwise difficult to access. We go beyond traditional research methods and use a host of communication tools, including video documentation, to get the real picture ground-up.


Content People works with media houses in India and Europe to help you reach out through the right media platform.